Far Cry 3 Sweps Remake


Back then when I had very limited modeling experience, I created a :shudder: Far Cry 3 themed weapons pack. These were quite literrally Css gun reskins with no animation changes whatsoever. The upside to making that addon was the fact that i learnt how to rip and port models over to source.

Now Fast Forward to the future.

On the 18th of March i released my first SWEP pack that was CSGO themed, however by now I learnt how to animate viewmodels for the first time, thus allowing my to port over the first CSGO Sweps with c_models AND animations mimicking their Csgo CounterParts.

Later on the 15th of may I pushed an enormous update (that i was supposedly going to do in a week, but a friend bugged me and i decided to push it). I spent almost an entire day just working nonstop on the sweps. By the time I released the update, i was tired as hell and decided to take a break from the GO sweps for a while.

I tried to find a project that interested me meanwhile, and after messing around in sanbox, I realized that with my new animation skills, I could redo those awful Far Cry 3 Sweps, and so the work began.

Now onto the sweps:

This pack utilizes my Base, which is the css realistic base, modified with a ton of new features.

The base includes:

  • IronSights
  • Sprint holster system
  • Dynamic Crosshair
  • Gun barrel smoke
  • IronSight weight
  • Near wall
  • Bullet penetration and ricochet
  • Swimming animations
  • Falling animations
  • Scopes
  • Attachments
  • Kill icons
  • C_model compatibility
  • Dynamic shooting cone that actually follows the crosshair and viewpunch.
  • Magazine Dropping

So far the pack includes the following guns:
- Ak47
- Z93
- 1911
- Spas12
- P416
- MP5
- Bow
- 44 Magnum
- D50
- 6P9
Left click = Shoot
Right click = IronSight / Scope
Sprint key = Holster / sprint
Sprint+E = Attach Silencer (lowers damage but raises accuraccy)
Sprint+R = Attach Scope (Increases recoil but raises accuraccy)
E+Left Click = Change fire mode on spas


  • Spas will sometimes shoot with the pump anim when in auto mode.

Get it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=271699506

Feedback is welcome/really appreciated!

I remember seeing your Progress in the other thread, I must say the weapons looks great!

You have a great deal of effort done on the models, (even jiggleboning parts of the MP5, major points for that) and you are to be commended for that

There are some imperfections in the animations, and smoothing errors on your ported models, and I do hope you’ll take the time to iron those out in the future

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Your sounds also have an unnatural amount of reverb to them

Any chance of bullet chambering, where if you reload a half-empty magazine one bullet is added due to the bullet that was left in the chamber? (FAS2 and all of Spy’s SWEPs have this)

To be honest, I don’t see why you would need to increase recoil with a scope. It should already feel like it’s recoiling harder, assuming there’s zoom with it. That, and you lose some sight picture with a scope. But those are just some simple thoughts- I still need to test the actual weapons for myself.


I would like to know what imperfections you are reffering to, same as for the smoothing errors (im guessing you are talking about the bullets?)

And yes, sounds are shite due to the fact i had to record them. FC3 packed the sounds in a format that when extracted gives it a random name, menaing i have over 10,000 sounds to scroll through. I’ll scroll through them someday.

I’ll try to implement that and make it toggleable.

I just realized that i forgot to increase the FOV with guns that have scopes, thanks for that.

The imperfections are just things in the animations, I could probably make a full list of them. Things like, how the mag in for the AK47 isn’t strong enough, or how the weapon draws are too snappy, things of that nature. Things that could be cleared up in an afternoon’s worth of tweaking

As for the smoothing errors, I guess a good way to put it would be, take a look at the SPAS-12’s rail in the light, notice how there’s some warping? That’s a smoothing error

plz give us the hands of WAYWO I liked them.

Ok thanks, i’ll look into that.

Ohh i see. it has todo with the bumpmaps.

I’m not going to force people to use a specific set of hands. Thats annoying for them and it makes the whole point of gmod shipping with c_models useless.

THe ones i used can be gotten from this playermodel:

I think he means the anims.

It’s a problem with the model, you can’t tell without the normal maps applied, but it’s not the normals themselves, but a problem with how the model is smoothed

Those are the Realistic Hands in the Other section of the Weapons, if I’m thinking of the right thing. The SWEP set automatically makes you do the swimming and high fall animations respectively anyway - something that should probably be a cvar.

The weapons need a little more polish but it’s good work so far. I recommend looking for higher quality sound rips or getting them in some sort of clean and pure way that doesn’t have the ambient noises from FC3.

Just bumping because I released an update.

I tried these out and this happened


All silliness aside, there are a lot of problems with this weapon pack:

  • ‘sprint’ state can be activated by just holding down your sprint key and not moving
  • aiming is possible while reloading
  • taking aim and then holding down the sprint key results in slow FOV reduction back to the default one (especially noticable on the Z93)
  • attaching/detaching a suppressor while reloading can cause the state to fuck up and make the weapon emit unsuppressed firing sounds while it’s suppressed and vice versa
  • attachments can be attached/detached/changed while reloading
  • shotgun reload is just weird
  • the attachment system, while serves it’s purpose, is unintuitive

The animations are nice though, I’ll give you that.

I recommend writing your own wep base from scratch, instead of building on top of that cs:s base, it’s broken enough as it is on it’s own. Not to mention that you’ll also learn a lot if you write it by yourself.

Alright, thank you for all of that. You got my attention for a few bugs I wasn’t aware existed. I’ll get fixing this as soon as I can.

Just a question, how did you screw up the shotgun’s reload like that?

Iirc I simply spammed the firing and reload keys.

I would like to announce that all of the bugs that LEETNOOB has listed have hereby been fixed.
Thank you very much for the video. If you find any more, please tell me!

Nicely done!

The “internal silencers with external loudeners” bug is still there. It’s caused by some kind of desync when you attach the suppressor while reloading.

Damn it, I thought I had that fixed. I’ll reupdate it when I get better internet.