Far Cry 4 textures

So I recently found out I likely used the wrong texture for a diffuse map. I just meant to ask, could someone get me the diffuse texture of the mp34?

Sure thing

Thanks, but this is the texture I already have. I think this is a specular mask or something, the MG42 had a different diffuse texture.

Are you sure? It’s the only colored MP34 texture i found, all the weapons i converted used b/w specular maps. I also compared the Far Cry 3 FAMAS and MP5 (which i have filenames of indicating what texture is what) to their 1:1 Far Cry 4 counterparts (where i have only hashnames) and the amount of textures is the same, with all the specular maps being b/w too. So i was sure the colored textures could only be the diffuse maps.

Well, what happened is that while I was editing the MG42, I found this:

The diffuse texture in there is considerably better than the default one, and looks more like what the gun looks ingame, which made me think that maybe I got the wrong texture. I guess whoever uploaded this model edited the mg42 texture first.

Yeah i actually did the same to the textures i converted. Had to darken the metallic parts to emulate the fancy shader the game uses. If you look at the converted MP34 model, the wood parts are a whole seperate mesh, that eases things up.

Any advice to darken the mp34 texture?

Depends on where you use it. I set up two different materials using the same textures, one for the wood and one for the metal parts. I darkened the metal diffuse to almost blackness in the renderer itself, increasing specularity till it looked like polished steel.
If your renderer doesn’t support coloring and you have to edit the textures themself, you should exclude the wood parts of course, or they’ll shine like metal too. That way you only need one material and one set of textures.

Alright, thanks for the advice, I’ll see if I can make it into something that’ll look good on source.