far-z buffer

So i made a huge map earlyer and when i tested it i noticed that when i go to a corner of the map, i cant see almost the half of the map. Its like cliped. So i googled for that i found something that i need to increase “far-z buffer”.
Any idieas on how to do that ?

Sorry, Source has a hardcoded far clip plane.

Of course there’s a reason for this. A too close or too far clip plane results in more Z-fighting, as the limited bit depth of the z-buffer starts causing Z-values to merge into each other, and then your GPU doesn’t know which ones to draw first, resulting in Z-fighting artifacts

O well, i gues that ill have to make smaller maps. Thx anyway.

Just add a depth fog to the level. It’s the cure-all for memory saving and boundary pushing.

Well, there is a fog wich suposed to hide the map cliping, but it looked even more awefull with it :frowning: .