Farcry -2- Ammunition and Weapons Port

Anyone could port some Farcry 2 models?

Just some ammunition boxes and some weapons. not all of them are needed though.

I think they made some fucking awesome models, so why not have them in GMod?

Yeah, we need far cry 2 models, there fucking awesome. I mainly want the veichles and weapons though, but yeah.

agreed, someone should rip the weapons their all fucking awesome!

And there veichles, they look fucking detailed

yea the jeep with the saw is cool to.

I don’t think people care tough.


Runs off and rips far cry 2 stuff

I think its just not worth it

Yeah we need some Far Cry 2 stuff… That stuff looks awesome!

Problem is, how do we rip them? Where the model and texture files? what format are they in?

I don’t know at the moment, I’ll try poking around and see what I can find out.

It’s been 6 hours.

Any luck?

If you just want to rip props, the easiest way is probably 3D RIPPER DX.

Lol I was asleep. I’m going to check out this program 3D ripper DX and see how to use it. BTW, do any of you know how to rip from Fallout 3 and could teach me? I own a legit copy and really want to be able to rip from it.

Awesome. BTW, when and if you can successfully rip them, send me a PM and Make a new thread about it. :buddy:

The program is pretty hard to use… I’m working on some other stuff now, but just by doing a basic setup, I got crashes. Right now I gotta fix my Gmod because it’s giving me crashes all the time. It’s backing up like all of my stuff and then I’m going to reinstall and hope it works.


If somebody rips some stuff I’ll try and get it into GMod. I can compile shit.

Anyone can do that.

It doesn’t look like we can do it with Far Cry 2, but I think we can with Crysis or Crysis Warhead. I’ll try to get some props if I have time, but you guys will have to help me convert them and compile them.

Ill try also, but the cars pretty much