Farcry 2 maps on garrysmod.org (Kittycat)


What the hell are these doing here? They are fc2map files which are completely useless in garrysmod. Looks like sombody wanted free file hosting.

Edit: Let’s make this a co-op thread, find stupid shit on garrysmod.org that has no place there!

Ahah! This is completley pointless!

No it’s not, I fucked up the physgun model a lot of times and this helped a lot

You just delete the new skin nubnuts, STEAM just extracts a new one from the gcf file.

Never worked for me… It just said there wasn’t any physgun…
Whatever, that’s not the point, the point is knowing why the fuck people is uploading Non-Gmod things to Garrysmod.org, seriously, we need some moderation on the web, also those pointless reports wich makes good files get deleted (Like kermite Sniper’s pack)…

Let’s just forget about the physgun problem

Apparently people don’t read the “Garry’s Mod Related Files!” part of the website’s title.

far cry is a amazingly fun game =)

Is Gmod a Far Cry mod? No
Can source load Far Cry maps? No
Is Garrysmod.org a Gmod only download site? Yes
Are Far cry maps allowed? As far as I know, no

Why did kittycat have to go do this?

probaly because he doesnt understand what goes on garrysmod.org and that hes trying to get people to try his maps which are shit…

I think he just wants the good hosting.