Farewell to dragons


I had a dream related to this, and that man in this screenshot is the one that I murdered… Jesus it freaks me out everytime I think about that dream. But it’s making me wonder where was I?

I love this screenshot! Mailed you an artistic.

Dragons never die. They’re just missing in action.

Dragons don’t die. They just turn invisible, and really, really silent!

Oh, wow. Art.


Say, what map is that?


Neat. The stuff further back in the water stands out too much, notice how the backdrop is super blue and flat, yet the objects are contrasty. Paint over them with some light blue (progressively thicker as they move into the distance) to give them depth and blend into the environment more. For the DOF, I personally would have focused on the dragon, but that’s up to you. As well, the guy looks like he’s looking at the ground, turn his head up at least a little bit more if not a whole bunch.

Cool idea though.

I think you hsould have played with the light and colours there off a bit more. It’s kinda brackish really.

So it’s a propbuild?