Farmer's Lament

AKA Ghost and Roach (?) escaping the pursuing russians. Thanks to F T for the totally fucked up idea :v:


Holy fuck that is awesome! :v:
Have a autistic rating.

I am confused, and impressed, and amused.

Words cannot possibly described how awesome this is.

My mind is blown.

Oh god, I can’t stop laughing this. I’m setting this image as desktop background.

I am flattered.

Oh, wow. That’s pretty cool. :v:

That’s fucking awesome!

Hahaha it’s fucking awesome! Awesome idea FT and great execution Joazzz.

Hah, really cool looking. I like the bloom from the sky in the back.

Rope could use a bit of motion blur though to make it look like its moving, and the flowers could use a little more contrast to make them fit more with the shading on Ghost, Roach and the russians.

Made me lol. :v: Nice job.

This picture is great. I laughed hard when I saw the Russian soldier.

Looks like a modern arcade game


I knew you would like it :v:

jeez this is amazing :'D


Made me lol.