Farming - An idea.

What if you could obtain seeds and grow your own crops for food, medicine, crafting, etc.? Maybe sort of like how it works in Minecraft? I think that would be pretty cool.

It’d be nice but that would be turning the game towards Minecraft… alot more… and what Rust wants is originality.

its not like minecraft invented frarming

i like this idea :slight_smile: because right now the only source of food is, animals and zombies itd be nice if we also added a little bit more to the hunting aspect

the point is not trying to rely the game in any aspects Minecraft counts on, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be added…

I like the idea, I think we should be able to farm pigs, chickens and rabbits also, I figured it was probably going to be like that anyway though.

That would be really cool too. The only issue I see with this entire idea is that given the crops and animals you raise would probably take several day and night cycles to mature, they would be very prone to raiding and it would be hard to ever get something out of them. I’m sure players would find creative ways to get around this though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like surrounding their farms with various traps? Raid my pigs will you? Suck on tripwire grenades! =D

maybe just berries on bushes or something

Yeah I agree with this, it’s better to have a “snooze you lose” mentality when foraging rather than “haha I stole your crops!” in my opinion. You could scavenge for berries, mushrooms, apples on trees or other fruits, that would be really cool.

Well we already have a “haha I raided your base” mentality going on don’t we? :v:

Fair enough. I still think foraging rather than growing is more the focus, is all.

It would be awesome if when farming you also had to worry about predators. Wolves and zombies might try to eat your chickens. If a zombie gets to your chickens you have to kill off the infected chickens or risk having your entire livestock turned into mutants.

Well, we could have both. Maybe there could be berries and other edible plants as well in the wild, and possibly medicinal plants we could use for crafting or something.


Why not seeing plants around and being able to pick up the fruits,herbs, and so on to eat or combine them to create something new. For example a poisonous herb + arrow = poison arrow which will do dmg of poison + bleeding on a character.(?)

because anything that minecraft already did makes it illegal to do it too.

slaughter of animals
cutting down trees
mining rocks

i guess you really want this game to be ‘penis simulator 2013’


Farming is such a bad idea. One, farming takes up a LOT of space and so it would be limited to ONLY groups that could setup large complexes and not individuals. Second, if it had animals, even if there were traps, people would likely just shoot your animals which is just MORE grieving that the game doesn’t need.

I disagree. Farming doesn’t take up a lot of space, you just allocate a small, fenced-in area (should it be implemented) dedicated solely to growing food. This could open up a new method of gameplay such as community gardens or having a clan protect their crops from invaders. As for animals, who is to say I can’t build a small house and herd my animals inside so people cannot pick them off? Think of it like a real farm, a farmer lets their animals out to graze, then puts them inside, typically. If they were to leave them outside 24/7 wild animals would get to them.