Hello my name is Andrew and I had an idea I wished to share,farming. Farming would be good for basing far away from resources, just starting off, and having trouble finding animals to kill. Nothing like minecraft, but something simple like wheat or maybe fruits. Thank you for your time.

On a small scale, yes i support this.

I always love have the 1 post wonders always add thank you for your time. They’re such little sweeties.

Would really like to see some small-scale farming possible in this game.

I’m not sure I would like traditional farming, but maybe a room with no ceiling, like a hydroponic area.

There’s possibilities here.

The issues being;
If farming is too effective, then needing to hunt or raid for food is no longer an option.
If farming is ineffective, why add it?

If farming takes up too much space, it’s too noticable, too easily raided and possibly too time consuming.
if farming doesn’t take up enough space, there’s no reason not to make one next to every base in the game.

If farming has too strict a cap or limit, then the place is going to be littered with spent farms.
If farming is unlimited then we go back to the issue of effectiveness.

It would have to be a slow process, barely able to stave of starvation, if you’re not running or hitting or anything, so you can chill and craft and farm and not waste your good food.
And it would have to take real time hours to produce food.

Maybe it could be extended to include growing herbs, combining them for medicine or treatments. Food is simple to get as it is, but farming something like tomatoes or potatoes would give us more variety than just meat (maybe make farmed food easy to grow, but take more of them to fill your meter)

You are such a fruitcake. Thank you for your time. :smile:

Can I be a little sweetie now?

If they did add it I would want to make a huge fucking plantation