FarZ Clip being ignored ingame? What's causing this?

I’m working on a map that needs FarZ fog for optimization. I have a fog_controller with Far Z Clip Plane set to 4500, and it’s the only controller in the map (set it to Master just in case), but when I run the map in GMod the setting is totally ignored. My FPS tanks and if I turn on wireframe, I can see the whole map is being rendered - in console, r_farz is still the default 30,000.
I have to manually override with ‘r_farz 4500’ for a smooth framerate while testing, but it always resets when I reload the game, even after many compiles. What could be causing this? Some weird value in my map or something wrong with my game?

I’ve never heard of that error but I recommend reinstalling the map and if the error occurs it must be an issue with the map itself…
Any pictures?

I’m not sure what you mean by reinstalling the map, since it’s my own. It does seem to be an issue with the map but I have no idea what could be causing it.
This is the fog_controller in hammer:

Ingame would be hard to demonstrate with a picture, but the whole map is being rendered and r_farz is set to 30000 in console. If I manually type in ‘r_farz 4400’, my fps goes back to normal. Something is either overriding, or not recognizing, my FarZ… seems to be only in this map. Does anyone have experience with this bug?

Maybe copypasting into a new vmf could help me narrow down the problem, but it might create more problems so I’d want to try that last if I can’t troubleshoot this.

Have you tried disabling all point entities save for the fog controller and compiling? That should tell you if one of your other entities is conflicting.

I’ve never heard of this bug, but if it doesn’t work I guess you could use a point_servercommand and force r_farz to whatever value you want with a logic_auto. Sort of a bandaid solution though.

I’ll try disabling entities first, otherwise I’m already using a servercommand so it shouldn’t be hard to amend that in. I’ll report back soon, thanks to both of you.

Yeah I’m not sure. It was working fine in the map I’m working on right now.

Try going in game and typing “fogui” in console and forcing it through that to see if it works.

are you compiling the map with full vvis?

Strange. When I launch GMod and open the console, it also says that r_farz is set to 30000, but it changes to -1 as soon as I run a map. I vaguely recall encountering the same issue in gm_fork sometimes (except 30000 was too low in that case), but it doesn’t seem to happen now.

Have you checked whether you have any addons or configs that might change the setting?

So an update: point_servercommand seems to be disabled in GMod, so I had to use a lua_run entity to pass console commands instead. Only problem is that it doesn’t have admin access, so I can’t change values like r_farz. Does anyone know how to give it full access over console/alternative entities to use?

But then I started testing it myself, and unlike 03C0, my FarZ is still 30000 after launching the map. If I set it to “-1” manually, it goes to 4400 by itself! So the map is recognizing my FarZ value, but something else is bumping it up to 30000. Now I don’t know if it’s an addon or something in the map.
Is anyone willing to test this? I can send you a copy of the bsp.

03C0 helped me solve this. FarZ is ignored whenever you run your map from the console - you have to launch it from the Start Game menu.

That’s a silly limitation, but a good one to know.

I don’t map often, but the more the merrier when it comes to knowledge.