FAS:2 Weapon Penetration

Hello, I was wondering if I could stop FAS bullet penetration as I think it is way too overpowered and makes players not want to use M9K thanks in advanced for any help provided!

IIRC, there should be a penetration variable inside the ammo entities. (The little boxes you press ‘e’ on for more ammo.) Just go through them and set them to 0 or something. That would be the easy way for someone who doesn’t know how to read and interpret Lua. (Which I’m guessing you don’t)

Will this stop bullet penetration as soon as they equipt the gun?

I don’t see why that would matter… but yes. It should.

Do you know where I could find the variables?

Follow the file path “lua/weapons/fas2_base/shared.lua” and change line 111:

SWEP.PenetrationEnabled = true