faseposer error

hey i want to make a video but in extraction all phonemes are “sil”
i have sdk 5.1 and im on XP any solution?

Don’t try using faceposer.


And why the fuck not?


OP; if you haven’t already, check this tutorial out:

Many reason.

Yes because bobbing heads of other players over voice acting beats actual, effort-full faceposer.


Yes this happens to a lot of people. It might still work in game, though. Maybe try a different engine?

What do you mean “in game”? Any solutions?
I read about a regisry entry that fix this, but the link is broken.

As in you save the vcd, run it in game (GMod), and the phonemes work fine. (Haven’t actually tried this yet, just a suggestion.)

Right, but in faceposer I get all phonemes as “sil” and the ragdoll doesn’t moves its mouth.
I think the phoneme extractor is bad.