fast and danger

Ninja’s primal edit:



Soldier models > anime models.

I’m okay with this.

It feels like there is no highlights in the picture, like it’s particularly made to confuse me as to what i should look at. You can outcome that issue by highlighting what you deem worthy of being in the center of attention and making then not blend with the surounding area by playing with the lighting that falls on them and color schemes in the background and them, as well as the brightness and contrast of the highlight.

The angle is also very unsettling because of the composition(Ninjas edit filled up the empty place so it looks better in that way) imo everyone is too bunched up together whithin a very small compartment of the picture.

The posing is static and doesn’t conclude “actiony movement” You could also resolve this matter by making their limbs be further from the main part of the body and several parts of the body to not align in a straight line.

This might give you an idea. Of course it doesn’t always work the way i mentioned, but it would work well in this case.

Be careful though. It might end up making the pose look cartoony.[/t]

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Also another example.


See how complex her stance looks even though she is performing simple movements? Now imagine how more complicated their body stance would be when they are running or ride a flaming skateboard.

Damn, I’m bookmarking this post. Thanks for your input man.