Fast attack and freeze (while attacking with the hatchet) glitch.

No idea how this happened. Would be nice if devs could fix it. Also huge framerate drop while attacking.

If it’s a glitch, how did you make it happen?
Are you sure it isn’t just a product of high latency or something Unity related? Usually a glitch is something that you can reproduce.

Has this happened since you made this video or thread, or are you just wasting people’s time because of an isolated occurrence that you can no longer reproduce?

attacked and jumped.

I see. So you do know how you made it happen… you said you didn’t in the OP.

Surely you’ve logged out and back in since it happened the first time. Have you been able to make it happen again, by doing what you did the last time it happened? If so, this is a legit, reproducible glitch that by all means, should be fixed.

Because I realized now. It’s not just attacking and jumping. You have to attack right at the moment when the food meter hits 0. Usually you’ll start attacking with a delay but it glitches so you start attacking at superspeed.