Fast computer, slow loading?

Alright, when i connect to a server, it takes about 4 to 6 minutes to connect. Now maybe that’s not long for some of you, but considering my old P4 2.8 GHz took the same amount of time. I’m using the old hard drive from the old computer but that shouldn’t be the problem. I do actually have something that i think is making me load slow. I have reskins of every weapon including CSS weps.

Amd athlon x4 3.0 GHz
2 gig 800 MHz ram
asus 785G motherboard
Radeon HD 4200

Let me clarify. I connect to the server, it parses game data, downloads any of the files that it has to download and it freezes at that point for about 3-6 minutes depending on the map. Ive defraged my harddrive twice with 2 programs and it hasn’t done anything with the speed. I don’t know if i have to buy a new one or just reinstall garrysmod. But i would hate to loose all the reskins.

And plus, i know something is up since my single core 2.2 GHz, 3 gigs of ram laptop loads faster :/.

Heres my hard drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Remove some addons and/or do a virus check

Addon’s are not a problem in this case. Removing addon’s only help the Sending Client Info stage, and I do that in about 10 seconds.

Oh you call this a fast computer?
Then my computer… Wow…

How many addons do you have?

Temporarily move all your addons etc. out of your folder.

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Than try.

Well, don’t have any garrysmod addons, just derma, CSS, tf2, and dod:s.

Any “packs” that you extracted onto your Garry’s Mod directory?

Nope none at all. Just a whole shit load of reskins.

I actually just went through everything and cleared it out, but that didn’t really help.

How fast is your internet.

8 megs download, 1 meg upload. According to

It’s not so bad for me. It’s worse when i launch Single Player :c

Has this issue occurred before you skinned your stuff?

Not sure, its been so long ago. But it doesn’t happen on my laptop and it has about the same reskins.

Run something like CCleaner.

Okay i’ll do that when i get home. Thanks!

It might be your RAM.
800MHz is quite low. I run 1600’s.

Also, what are the specs for your HD?

I know for a fact that it is not my graphics card. Considering that I get 70 plus fps on all high, 1280x1024. The ram is supposed to be clocked at 1066 since it’s ddr2 but they lied. I have Kingston hyperx ddr2 ram installed. And It also could be my hard drive since it’s IDE other than sata.

Clear your cache?

My shitty old computer did that. Could be your over 9001 reskins, since they are customized it might affect in loading them.