Fast connection, not so fast processor - can I have more than 8 players?

Good day to you all.

I used to have a Garrys mod server once, I think it was in 2007. It was a 24 slot server and I enjoyed it while I had it, but it just costed me too much euros to maintain it longer than the 4 months I had it. Hosting on my own connection wasn’t such a big succes with just a measly 1 megabit upload.

However, the joys of a synchronous 100mbit up and down fiber line has finally reached my home, and now I also started to play Gmod again. I would like to host a bigplayerammount server again. Now I have the linespeed for hosting it here at home, however I do not have a great spare computer to run the server on. It is a 2ghz AMD Athlon 64 3000+. We are talking about 2004 hardware here.

I am wondering if the linespeed or the processor is the biggest cause of lag on Gmod server. Because when I ran a Gmod server on my old 1mbit uplink ADSL line (and the old AMD), the server would almost instantly choke when a 9th player arrived. I am wondering if the old AMD can actually be up to the task (all be it with 12, as long as it can be more than 8) or that I should just wait for the time I have a better spare computer who can run as a server.

The reason I ask it on the forum instead of just doing it myself is that I need to find a newold hard-drive lying around somewhere in my house, format it, install linux and then install gmod and countless of plugins, and thats just a huge waste of time if my old beast explodes when 4 players come in.

Oh my, what a big story I have written. Well, I hope you can answer my questions.

Its probably split between the processor and the upload/download, you’d probably need new hardware, although you could try using a linux distro with no GUI, it usually gives it a bit better performance, althought the Garry’s Mod server for linux is know to be buggy

Hehe ok, yea I got a pumped up Core i7 920 at 4.2 ghz as main computer, problem is that I put it to sleep at night because it is next to my bed making noise. Wanted to move my old PC to a different place while it is on 24/7 with my lovely gmod server on it.

Do you know what is wrong with the Linux gmod server? I am running it on my VPS right now for testing purposes (needed to know how to install it again after 4 years) and it seems to be running fine for now. With 0 players on it, that is.

I think its rather buggy with vehicles & constraints IIRC

I wouldn’t totally advise to host a gmod server on a Linux server unless you REALLY know what you’re doing.

Garry’s Mod Linux servers run fine for the most part.

I squeezed in a 32-slot CSS server on a Sempron 3000+, if you’re not going to sandbox I’d say you should be somewhat fine.

As long as it’s something that involves running around and not too much building (Fretta, FortWars, Floodmod, something else that starts with F) I’d say it should run a little jittery, but survivable if you set it up with the right settings.

I am going to honest here, I am a linux noob, who is able to install and update the system and applications and go through the filesystem… with the help of guides. Its not hard to learn, but I am by far used to command lines for example. So you’d rather advise me to search for my long lost Windows XP cd again? I want to use Linux because of its lower resource usage.

I actually want to have a buildserver, and switch it to RP sometimes (or a buildRP mode), because that are the gamemodes I enjoy the most. Granted, I haven’t played in quite some time so I don’t know what awesome gamemmodes have entered the Gmod world since 2008. :wink: