Fast DL and workshop files

Is there a way to make it so the server doesn’t download everything from the workshop every map change. People are complaining it is taking to long to download all the custom files.
Is there any code I can add to make it preform a check before it downloads everything.

Thanks once again!

It shouldn’t download everything again and again? It only looks for the addons every join and if the addons aren’t downloaded it will download them.

Taranp1995 add me on steam this is a simple solution. Click the icon for steam under my name.

If I recall, the Workshop can’t tell if the user already has the item or not (which is generally why I don’t recommend it, because constantly mounting addons and shit isn’t fun), so if I were you, I’d get some webspace and set up FastDL.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, though.

Your correct and wrong at the same time.
Getting a website for fastDL is what you should do if you dont already have one. Workshop does not recognize the downloads you already have so it makes you download them once, but he probably messed up on his coding some how or put it in the wrong place.