Fast DL help, again.

So I setup an sv_downloadurl with my webhost. I have maps, materials, models, resource and sound. All I am trying to do is get some materials and sounds to download for a small Coderhire addon I have. Maybe there is a more efficient way to do this? In my server.cfg I have this at the very bottom:

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowupload “1”
sv_allowdownload “1”

I really don’t know why this won’t work.

When you go in the server and type “sv_downloadurl” does it give that URL? (Like, as the client, joining the server.)
Are the files resource.AddFile’d?

Figured it out lol. So originally it was materials/V3_scripts/logo etc. Well I went straigh ahead and put the logo folder inside my materials folder in my ftp. Hard to explain but fixed!

Glad you fixed it. Fastdl can be a hassle to setup.