Fast DL problem.

Hello there,

I have a problem with my gmod server.
I have a DarkRP server but my server don’t allowed people to download my custom models.

I have a fast dl server on my homesite, and our map beginning downloading when people joining, and it working.
But my files will not begin downloading. My friends joining and dont download my files and got ERROR on the server…
How can I fix this problem… Anyone know how to do ?

Again, for the 100th time.
FastDL issues is not something that should be posted in Developer Discussion.
It’s all about map/script making, not server hosting.

And where is the right section so.
I cant find it.

It’s just… come on.
You lazy F***, it’s not hidden from the sight you know, it’s on the very main page.

It should be at the help and support section

This is section is for LUA.