Fast DL problems

Hi I’m running a darkrp server with fast DL. My url in server.cfg is http://<myurl>.com/garrysmod/ and i have uploaded the addons, cache, gamemodes, lua, and map folder. It worked for a While, i think, but now when i connect the map loads but an error is displayed saying ‘lua cache could not be downloaded, server is misconfigured’. What is the problem? Let me know if you need any more information.


You need to re-sync the cache folder. I recommend stopping the server, deleting the cache folder on the server, starting the server, then copying the cache folder over to your FastDL’s files.

but wont that mean i have to do that every time? and what if the server crashes? then when people try to rejoin they will get the error message

The files in the cache folder changes when the Lua that needs to be downloaded changes. This doesn’t happen after a restart, but it happens when you add a new mod or there is a Garry’s Mod update.

WOW, you’re right, Thanks. No doubt i will encounter more problems soon enough though…