Fast-DL Question

I’ve used Fast-DL for CSS servers that i run so i know the basics. One questions i have is the Cache download.

Do i just copy the garrysmod/cache/dua folder onto the Fast-DL server for it to work?

Also, for the resource.AddFile, do i have to list every file one by one that needs to be downloaded other then maps and the cache? (Running trouble in terrorist town, and theres quite a few files that need downloading).

I’ve been reading but it still seems a bit blah to me. So much harder then CSS Fast-DL’s.


I just read this from that same Wiki page.

''You do not actually need to upload any gamemode files whatsoever to Fast Download. However, if you wish to use custom content in your Gamemode, you can under your gamemodes directory add a content folder, and then replicate materials / models under that. For example:

* gamemodes/mygamemode/content
* gamemodes/mygamemode/content/materials/mymaterials/mymaterial123.vtf 

Content works similar to that of the addon format. If you can understand one, you can understand the other. ‘’

So i should be right not uploading the gamemode to /gamemodes/ on the fast-dl? Still lost on the resource.AddFile, so much materials etc that arnt in the gamemodes/ttt/ folder that need to be downloaded (Althought they are part of the gamemode).


Yes, but if you have an admin mod (something like ULX), they usually have an option to add a whole folder.
(I don’t know if that works with resource.AddFile)

You only need to upload the materials, models, sounds and maps that are in the /gamemodes/<your gamemode>/content/ folder.

No, you need the servers cache, not your own for it to work correctly.

The gamemodes/content folder is just like an addon, it loads the files into the game root.