Fast DL Question

Does the Fast DL in GMod automatically update the cache or will I have to do that manually every time?

manually , just make some sort of batch file or somthing to do it for you

You should set up a alias if they are on the same server (the webhost and gameserver)

They are not, How can I set up the batch file for this?

Here is a program I wrote to do this recently:

Just edit the settings.txt to your details and make sure you have the slashes at the end of paths. Then run “GMOD Lua Cache.exe”

Haven’t got source code, on laptop. It’s a .NET application so you can decompile if you must.

I am sure there is a better way to do this, but this works perfectly fine for me. (Uses a FileSystemWatcher to check for changes to the cache files and then uploads the changed files to the server which should be just one file)

Example settings.txt:


Thank you a bunch! You can remove the link now :slight_smile:

Why would I remove the link?

Other people may have this problem too.

My Setup…

and it returns saying that the file is corrupt or missing.
It is in the same DIR as the GMOD Cache


try change to


Can’t see why it would error, got a complete copy of the error?

ERROR: Settings.txt is either corrupt or non-existant. I added you to steam.

Eh, Add c0bra51 instead, away from PC.

The shit is fixed

Source for sceptical

For linux I use LFTP to do the synchronising.