Fast DL ReDownloading

If there a way for the client to redownload a file they already downloaded with out deleting the download file. So if i uploaded to my fastdl a file like ownertag.png and it was the wrong tag and people already downloaded it is there away to have them redownload the fixed one?

Easiest way to go about this is to just rename the ownertag.png to ownertag2.png or something and change it in the config of whatever addon you’re using it for

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And then you can just remove the original ownertag.png from downloading. Some users will still have it downloaded but it isn’t much of a big deal

Either that or put the file in a different directory within the materials folder.

So …/materials/updated/ownertag.png

Oh so there is no good way to rewrite the file ive been doing the other way i just didnt know if there was a better way.