Fast DL setup

I get it how you put your url in the server file but… how does the upload process go?
Do you upload just the garrys mod folder?
and how can you update whenever new cache files are created or things are updated?
Is there a automatic script by any chance?

The process: You use an FTP server and set it as your “sv_downloadurl” and clients will DL content form what
ever you put on tha FTP (But no exactly everything, only models, materials, sounds and a few others).

Uploading the whole folder: That wouldn’t be advised because 1. It’s a pretty big file, 2. that could be consider
illegal as you’d be uploading a copy righted game and 3. some of the files wouldn’t be DLed from clients.

Updating cache: Whenever properties of the server are changed you have to find the most recent file in your
cache folder and then upload it to your fast DL URL.

Automatic Script: None that I’ve heard of.