Fast Dl

I created like a dozen new hats for TTT Pointshop that work in singleplayer. What I am curious about is how I could get my friend who runs a server, to be able to put these hats on his server.
Which files should I give him?

I downloaded a prop/hat from the steam workshop. It went into to my addons folder but was in .gma format so I converted it to it’s raw materials/models folder.
I then dragged that folder into my garrysmod/garrysmod. Then in the pointshop, I coded the hat so it would work properly, and dragged the .lua file in the hats folder.
It works fine in Sp, just curious how I can get it working on a server with fast dl.

What files does he need?

He needs any custom sounds, models, materials, or maps that you have on your server. Lua files don’t go on FastDL.