Fast DLL Server Help?

Hello Facepunch!
I’ve been a lurker on this site for a LONG time, not really seeing a reason to posting till now, I need help with my Fast Dll server.
I already have the server setup. It works great. My friend can download all files extremely quickly, all is well…
However. What happens is that he only has the stock garrysmod, not any of my addons, (Durgzmod, Nukepack, etc)
My question is, how on earth do I fix this. I’m new to lua, and I’m thinking I may have to set up a Resource.AddFile lua script.
Help is appreciated,
Edit: Realised I posted in the wrong section Facepalm Sorry, please delete!


are you hosting the server yourself or by a company?

Do you have a webserver?

I’m using a webserver, owned by x10 hosting, the fast dll part works. I just need to know why my addons aren’t working, I’m thinking I need to use an addfile lua,

You have to take the materials / models / sound folder from your addons and copy them to your fastdl folder.
If the client still doesn’t download them you didn’t add them with **[Resource.AddFile](**.