Fast Download - Bottleneck Issue

Here’s my problem, I have my fast download service setup and it works 100%, but how fast it works is far from ‘fast’ download. When I attempt to download my files on the host service from inside garry’s mod while connecting to my server, I get some pretty ridiculous waiting times for all the files to finish(~100-200kb/s). Alternatively, when I go directly to the website, I can download all the files at a solid 4mb/s, so I know for sure it’s not the host.

Why is gmod bottlenecking my download speed? I have all files compressed to .bz2 format so maybe the decompression process is taking forever?

Does your Game server provider provide Fast DL as well?

Yes it does, but it proved inefficient for our content size. That question really doesn’t solve a garry’s mod related problem.