Fast Download guide re-written

I’ve rewritten the fastdownload guide, bringing it up to date and organising it / making it slightly easier to understand. Hopefully people will benefit from this more now. While we’re at it, if you can also post below any improvements that could be done, or anything missing.

Link to the guide:

Thanks, appreciate it, setting it up never seems to go right for most people and they come asking me :smiley:

Not a problem, hopefully it means it’ll assist people easier.

Wow, the guide looks great. I’ve been hosting a HL2DM server on and off and this was really useful. Could you, however, explain in the guide how to use Bzip2 on your server? (Is it automatic? What do I need to do to compress the files?)

It’s at the bottom, sort of explained. Read that part over again, then be more specific.

Sorry, what I’m asking is this:
Do I simply need to compress the files, place them in their corresponding folders, and let the client automatically decompress them? Or is it something else?

Thats all you need to do. I’ll add that to the guide.

Thanks, I understand now. I’m sure this guide will be helpful to me and many others.

K added.

This really comes in handy when I finally have the time to set up my server again. Thanks for the help!

Thanks, I wanted to do this for a while but never could find the time.

Great guide, thanks for this contribution!

Sorry, just bumping this to say that I recently extended it minorly on how Fast Download can help prevent the file upload exploit. I figure it’s important that people do know that there is a viable solution on how to help stop it.