Fast Download Issue

Alright, I have set up FastDL (sv_downloadurl) and it still does not work.

I am trying to use PHX on my server, which works if you already have PHX installed on the client machine, but to those who do not have it installed, it comes up in their menu, but when spawned they get the “Error Prop”.

How do i set it up so that they download the files?

Here is my config:

"sv_downloadurl"		""
"sv_allowupload"		"0"
"sv_allowdownload"		"0"

I think I have the download Server set up correctly, feel free to double check!

That looks correct, however have you placed the folder structure correctly?

I followed it step by step on the the garrys mod wiki, so I am assuming I did.

[lua]local ClientResources = 0;
local function ProcessFolder ( Location )
for k, v in pairs(file.Find(Location … ‘*’)) do
if file.IsDir(Location … v) then
ProcessFolder(Location … v … ‘/’)
local OurLocation = string.gsub(Location … v, ‘…/addons/PHX/’, ‘’)

if !string.find(Location, ‘.db’) then
ClientResources = ClientResources + 1;

if !SinglePlayer() then

Put that in a new lua file and save it into the servers’ autorun directory.
Also, why you want to parse PHX for a fast DL I do not know, as I can almost guarantee you, those who do not have it will get impatient and leave prior to finishing anyway.

This is a good point, I will take this into consideration, but thanks for the LUA, I can at least do smaller mods or Wire.