Fast Download: Mega Quick Question

So, from what I know the cache tells what luas to download referring to FastDL.
Lets say I added a new LUA file and other custom contents.

Do I have to stop my server, delete FastDL, open server, enter it. Close server and get the new cache and upload it to my FastDL link, so that the new LUA and other content I downloaded, can be downloaded.

You don’t need to stop your server to update the cache, you can start another server (start a fake one, maxplayers 2, passworded with ip As soon as it’s ready and waiting for players, close it. The new cache should have been created now. Just put the new files into the FastDL, no need to delete the old one as long as you only upload updated / new ones (FTP and SCP both have an option for that).
Your server will use your lua file and its cache after a restart or a crash.