Fast Download Problems

*It seems as though my fast download isn’t working for my server.

I’ve put this in the server.cfg;*

"sv_allowupload" "1"
"sv_allowdownload" "1"
"sv_downloadurl" ""
"net_maxfilesize" "64"

No idea what I have done wrong.

On your FastDL you have zipped every file. The source engine can only download zipped files in .bz2 (bzip2) format.

Download Bzip.

Also, the FastDL should not have any addons folder. Move the materials, models, sound, resource and particles folders if they exists from the addon you have inside the addons folder to the root folder of your FastDL.

Okay I’ve compressed each of the files and put them in the right folders.

Should it force me to download the files upon joining the server? Or other people?

You should try putting

cl_allowupload 1  
cl_allowdownload 1

in there too. It could help.

If you already have the files on your pc you won’t be forced to download the files. Btw you need to do a resource.AddFile (“path/to/file.mdl”) for each file you want to force.

Hmm It doesn’t seem to work

Did you create a lua file with the resource.AddFile contents in it and put it into lua/autorun on your server?

No, Would I have to do that for each file on the fastdl?

Here’s a video I made that will tell you everything you need to know: Link

Thank you.