Fast Download Problems?

I am having fast download problems, Mainly it doesnt download at all ;/ Ive tried every tutorial on the face of the earth and it doesnt change other then i’m not sure where my Resorce_file.lua i have it in lua/autorun/server/ and i have the code correct there anyhelp would be greatly appreciated!

Its location is correct, Please post the file and let us see.

The resorce_file? Okay, here it is

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Oh, and im not entirely sure that i’m putting the fastdl correctly i have removed everything ;/ if something is in addons do i just put the materials and models (such as a player model) in the materials and models folder?

Alright, Are you using a host that has the fastdl combined with the server? Aka xenonservers. If so you’ll need to place the models/materials/sounds in the garrysmod folder.