Fast Download Quick Question

When your adding files to the fast download, do they have to be a zip/winrar file or do they have to be the actual file?
When people join my server the content doesn’t download, I have upload and download set to “0”.

Models cannot be added to FastDL, these must be downlaoded via a content pack.
Please correct me if I am wrong…

Of course if you have Download set to 0, content wont be downloaded! Isn’t that obvious. and i do not believe files must be zipped. but if you do zip them, i reccomend .bzip2 format

FastDL needs to have a specific file structure set up, you can’t just place files on a site. The root directory of the FastDL site is just like the garrysmod root directory. Depending on what you want to host from the FastDL site, you will have different files such as models, sounds, materials, maps, etc. Note that you need to copy the content files (Such as models, materials, etc.) from addons to the base directory in your FastDL files, an addons folder on a FastDL site is useless.

This is incorrect, you are able to download models via FastDL. So long as the files are setup properly on the FastDL site and the files have been added on the server using a resource.AddFile script, the files will download.

If you are using FastDL, you don’t need sv_allowdownload set to 1. FastDL works independently from the server.

Okay, well I have the file structure setup correctly (to my knowledge) but content doesn’t download, I’ve done a test with my cache file, for example; I disabled download/uploading and enabled the FastDL but when Itry to download the cache it doesn’t work. I’ll give you the link to my FastDL so you can see if it’s correct or not. (I’ll PM you it so no one can leech it from me)

The link that you sent me looks okay, have you set sv_downloadurl in your server.cfg?

Ya I set it all up, I also set the FTP permissions to 7 7 7.

I used:
sv_downloadurl "

And it’s still not working?

It’s still not working, whenever someone joins I ask them if they can see one of the models I’ve added to the fast download and they say they can’t. (They’re also one of my trusted admins who I ask)