fast download server is messed up

Hi, I tried putting up a fast download server for my game server to use…and it doesn’t work…

What I did was:

  1. Put up an http server using apache
  2. Used SourceSRC to sync the game server with the fast download server and bzip2 the files, the fastdl server has only .bz2 and the game server has normal files
  3. Changed sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload to 1 and changed sv_downloadurl to the proper url
  4. http server works
  5. When downloading files, I see the .bz2 downloading, then I see the normal file downloading, and it seems to take longer than without the fastdl server…
  6. The files were not downloaded/accessed properly(pink and black textures and errors for models)
  7. Upon turning off the fastdl server and restarting the game server, the files work again

Ive never used SourceSRC so I cannot say much about it, I know it uploads a lot of unneeded files though. You only have to upload the files the server will try and send to the clients.

sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload should be set to 0, if its set to one the files will be pulled off the game server and not the web server.

Make sure you added the files its trying to send to the FastDL server and make sure the file cases match

I’m a bit short on time to make this, but I have several other posts on FastDL I’ll leave links to that should offer you some help. Be sure to check out the sv_downloadurl wiki page.

My tutorial attempt.

GMod Wiki Article on FastDL

If your still stuck I may be able to offer some more help over steam, skype, or remote desktop via Teamviewer, feel free to PM me.

can you add more info?
or show me a tutorial on this FastDL setup?

Nice job bumping an almost 2 year thread