Fast Download URL Issue

I just got an webhost and a domain to set up fast DL for the server. I correctly put the garrysmod folder into the root of the folder and renamed it “fastdl”. I also dragged in the materials, models, maps, and sound folder into folder. When I try going on the URL in the browser it comes out as a 404 Error. I tried renaming the folder and also added the permissions in to read for it. It’s just not working for some reason. This is what I have on my server.cfg file, sv_downloadurl “”. I would like to have this issue solved so any help is appreciated.

Additional Info:

  1. Webhost is Godaddy
  2. Windows Host
  3. Also set up a forum on the web host and that works perfectly.

Garry broke fastDL and, is working on to fix it; in the mean time try to use basic models. I will post a reply back when he fixes it.

Ah so every1s Fast DL don’t work anymore? I still can’t access the fast DL site for some reason.

Is there anything IN the folder? I tried checking out the link and got a 404

I found out that the reason for error 404 is my MIME isn’t set up for the server. Does anyone know how to edit one to make it work for fast DL? I tried using this guide but don’t know how to do it.
I used this earlier today, works like a charm

Thanks for your help. Problem is now resolved.