Fast Friends

Can’t log in from Firefucks for some stupid reason… logs me straight back out again. Password is changed and I wasn’t compromised so fuck knows what’s wrong, all I know is that I won’t be on here until it’s fixed except to post pictures. Speaking of pictures, I have one!

Russian, US and British troops, routed by Combine forces during the 7 Hour War, make themselves at home in an old East German command bunker while their leaders plan the next move.

This one wasn’t inspired by any one song, but here’s my song of the day!

Looks pretty fucking ballin.

Posing and lighting are legit

You fan of Victor Tsoi? :slight_smile:

pretty cool, text on the wall really stands out though (in a bad way i mean)

great posing as usual

damn straight. dude had some serious talent but never let it go to his head

Looks a little dark but that might just be my monitor. Awesome posing.

Where’d the models for the british guys come from?

British guy, singular - it’s the dude up the back with the L85. KF model with the head deflated and one of the faceposable heads put in its place.

I thought it looked familiar, i said guyS because i wasn’t sure if any of the guys in the foreground were british :v:

I like it.

Russian writing on the wall, small white writing on the right, it mean anything or just looks cool?

First verse and chorus from Kukushka

Really cool. :smiley:

Love the lighting.