Uhmm… Fairly new to dark rp coding and stuff, but I was wondering; how do I make a fast lockpick and a fast keypad cracker? I want to give these to the donors of the server, but IDK how. I saw many servers have them and I would like to know how to make one, thanks!

Learning to LUA as well. But, Why don’t you modify the lockpick swep for DKRP and just change the name of the new swep and the time it takes to pickdoors/keypads?

  1. Copy the lockpick SWEP / keypad cracker SWEP
  2. Give them new names (maybe append “_fast” to them)
  3. Modify the code as needed
  4. Give the new versions to your donators

Step 2 is the very important one. If you do not give the new SWEPs new entity names, things will not work correctly.

Very long story but, I don’t have server files I only help the coder, but where would it go, the coder and I are fairly new and we don’t know much but, a detailed video or screenshots would help since I don’t rly know much :confused:

It would literally just be a copy paste of the already functioning lockpick lua file, into your darkrpmodification addon’s lua/weapons folder, with a change of the values in the appropriate area.

Anyone with intellect should be able to figure it out if you look hard enough

EDIT: Stumbled across this on the DarkRP forums, dunno if you’d want it or if it even still works.

Excuse me, but all I see is an Ak47 folder then shared.lua, I’m very confused.

The original lockpick file is in the gamemode folder, you just have to paste it into the modification addon and change it in there