Fast questions about "Making a Server"

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if I’m posting in the correct area, but I guess so, since in the rules we can discuss about servers, and stuff.

Well, I want to open a new server, a good one. I will focus my time on making a good server, and keeping hackers away from it, etc. since I have enough time for now, I will be unemployed until the end of the year, unfortunately.

So I wanna ask what do you guys suggest, and I would love to get a decent answer to:

  • Can I put a server in Community, even if I have Oxide installed on the server?!

  • I want a Community server, and not Modded, since Modded has a bunch of different servers with great amounts of players. Would be pretty hard to get mine on the top three pages. So, if the answer to the question about is a “No”, then please, I would like an answer to the next point:

  • What can I add on a Community server, without being forced to move it to Modded servers?

  • There are Community servers with some chat informations, like PvP battlelog/broadcast (Player X killed player H with M4 shot to their head at X distance), what is the name of that plugin?

  • What is the difference between Oxide and Oxmin? Can any of them be used in Community servers?

Well, basicly, I would love to have a decent server listed on “Community”. I’d love any suggestions to have a Community server with: PvP Battle Log; Being able to see who came Online and who gone Offline; And some other decent stuff that you guys would suggests, and some “anti-invalid-name-character” (players won’t be able to log-in with weird names) plugin, and some auto-ban/anti-hack plugins.

Also, what do I need to do if I plan to add No Durability and Kit Starters?!

Don’t forget that I really want a community server, so please guys, don’t post suggestions that would force me to put the server on the epicly-endless-abusive-massive-list-of-modded-servers-where-it-is-almost-impossible-for-your-server-to-get-any-amount-of-players-online. xD

Hoping for an answer before tomorrow noon, best regards for this Rust lover,

King Emp

If your server is not vanilla, it must be in the Modded tab or else your server will be blacklisted if you’re caught. If it’s modded, it doesn’t belong on Community. No, I don’t care if there are others there, they’re playing with fire.

Ask your questions about Oxide and Oxmin and so on in their respective threads in the Rust Modding subforum. Or just read the threads to start with and learn what they are.

If you want a server on the Community tab, you won’t be installing Oxide or Oxmin unless you want to risk a permanent blacklisting from the server list.

Installing mods will automatically put you in the Modded tab, as far as I know. I’ve only ever played a couple modded servers and I direct connected to them so someone who knows more about mods should probably confirm/deny this.

Durability (and some other things) can be modified using rcon commands, changing those will not move you to the modded tab. Durability, craft speed, sleepers, pvp/pve, decay… these are all things that are specified by rcon. There’s other stuff, too, I didn’t mess around with it too much, I like the vanilla experience.

Thanks both of you for your answers!

elixwhitetail, and what about “PvP battle-loggers”, is it considered a mod?

Sievers808, I also love the Vanilla Experience, but unfortunately I think I will have to add some stuff such as No-Durability, no idea why, but everyone loves that (not me included), and I really want to get to the 2nd-Community’s page at least. :c

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Also, elixwhitetail, is there any part of the forum or somewhere else, where I can report Community Servers with mods? Because there are a plenty of them. I’ve been making some “homework”, wanted to confirm some stuff before posting this thread. Almost every server on the first page, had Oxide, kits, and many of them in all other pages, even have modified loot from mobs/airdrops, etc.

The devs are handling that themselves, and I’m going on the last thing I heard from garry. There are no designated places to report servers that are mis-categorized, the devs will take care of it themselves when they feel like it.

That sounds like they’re lazy, but in fact they’re just very busy and some things are just not as high a priority. You can do what you want with your server, but I’m warning you not to take that chance.

Rust Modding subforum for mod questions.

There’s probably a way to set this up using something like Rusty, which is an external program which an admin uses to connect to the query port of the server, which then gets the logs of what goes on. I don’t believe a vanilla server outputs anything about deaths, but if it does then the Rusty program (or equivalent) can be scripted to add a server message via the console which would then show up in game. Something like chat.add “KillBot” “Joe killed Mary with a Rock” (or chat.say/global.say though I don’t think those allow you to set the name and will show as SERVER CONSOLE).

It may not be possible without mods though - not unless death events output something to the query port on vanilla servers, or there’s a server add-in which can be legitimately used without garnering ‘Modded’ status. This could be the case if it only allows more info to be output to the query port and acted on there, but doesn’t do anything to change the game mechanics…

The line has to be drawn somewhere - I mean, technically just turning sleepers off or something is a “modification” to the vanilla game, so it’s feasible that some server ‘mods’ would be allowed in the Community tab, based on what they actually do and how much they change the game. Something like Magma or Oxide would never be allowed though, since they’re open-ended and allow loading admins’ own code.