Fast Start Tut for Noobs/Survivors


Here is a simple and fast was to get what you need within 10 minutes of starting Rust.

  1. Make sure you are alone as soon as you spawn. Look around for other players and/or Agro mobs.( Wolves and Bears)

  2. Find a rock node and a wood node. Mine them until they are gone.

  3. Hit Tab, and select crafting menu at the top right center of your screen.

  4. Find “Stone Hatchet” and craft it. * make sure you are alone if you are not playing with others.

  5. Once crafted, find a pig or deer.
    A. Pigs are easy, just sneak up on it, and just start whacking. It will run, follow and keep hitting, it should take 7 or 8 blows to kill it.
    B. Deer are a bit more tricky, Sneak up(Left Control+w) and whack it. Then repeat this step 5 more times. The deer will die and you will have to mine it for meat, cloth and animal fat.

  6. Once you have some Raw chicken, craft a Camping fire. And set it up in a hidden location. Separate the pieces into 3 even or closely even stack.(Right click on the Chicken and select split) Then open the fire and place a 3 stack in the “Cook” boxes in the camping fire. Once they are done, move them directly to your hot bar slot of your choice. Eat at least 2 at this time to get rid of Hunger.

  7. Now, make sure you have at least 110 wood, and 10 cloth. If you do not keep hunting and mining until you have it.

  8. Find a spot that is secluded and hidden for your shelter.

  9. Craft you 1 wooden shelter, 1 wooden door, and 1 Wooden storage box.

  10. Place the item in your hot bar, and then place the shelter where you want it. And then the door. Place the box inside you house.

  11. Craft a sleeping bag and place it inside the shelter as well.

  12. If you have enough mats left, craft another stone hatchet and then a bow and 5 arrows. If not, go get the mats and then finish this step.

  13. Now, get enough mats to craft a Furnace, campfire, and a work bench. Place the furnace inside you hut, and the work bench up against the outside. This allows you to be near that wall from the inside and still use it.

  14. Place the campfire inside as well.

Now you are ready to go and kill, survive, or do whatever you want. Do not keep using this little home for long. Make sure you either build a real house with metal doors, or join up with someone you can trust.

Edit: Corrected Mistakes

yes pretty much, but make sure no one finds your shack because they will bust in and kill you.

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putting a metal door on a shack is a waste, because you can break the shack with a hatchet or pickaxe. save the metal doors for your real home.

Get a bow before you get a sleeping bag. You can get cloth much faster with it and can defend yourself against wolves/bears/bandits.

its the best welcome signal for bandits i can imagine.

Correct me if I’m wrong but won’t Furnaces and Workbenches disappear from shacks within a day because they are not permanent structures? Much like if you want a spike wall to hang around you have to build it on a foundation?

you can repair your spike walls. I mostly do the extra foundation / pillars method to keep people from building up the side. Spike walls around that, than they are forced to blow through a ton of c4 to get to your goodies.

I lived in a shack for a few days and the inerieur didn’t decay/disappear.

The shack is repairable and it will last a while as long as you log in daily. IDK why but to me it seems that decay of your buildings happens faster if you do not log in. It is probably just me though.

You could just put a wooden door on it, but I have lost a lot that way. But when I put a metal door up, noone seems to bother my shack.

You forgot a few steps

  1. get pwned by griefers
  2. get pwned by random dude with rock
  3. run from jackass with bow for 15 mins
  4. spawn get melted by m4
  5. Spawn again and get melted by different guy with m4
  6. Start playing

You forgot, get inundated with Slongs wherever you look.

Good tips and no offense but this has got to be like the bejillionth (real number) beginner’s guide/tips for noobs thread that is like almost 100% identical to every other one.

I know. Just figured it needed to be done again.

Good tips