Fast way to set up FastDL

Is there a fast way to set up FastDL? I mean like I got it set up but compressing the addons and stuff is annoying me since I have to like create folders and stuff to move folders…let’s just put it like this :S filezilla doesn’t have the option to replace folders since when I upload models folder and such to my fastdl web server it doesn’t allow me to do so since I would be replacing folders. Please help as this stresses me out and I don’t want to be arsed to make folders, drag and drop and other sh*t like that.


Is your server a linux server? If so, the best way to transfer files would be through SCP and you could create a script to compress multiple files etc

The files are already compressed. I used bzip2 and used a script that I got from a tutorial

Also I do have a linux server running Debian

Use SourceRSC. Very useful program, will do all the work for your FastDL.
Use svenskungankas fastdl tutorial.

He isn’t asking how. He’s asking for a faster way to do it.

What he said. I already followed that tutorial but compressing addons then uploading them when I can’t since it would be overriding folders and I have to like make folders and add the content in the addon, etc. Pretty complicated stuff lo

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If you are using Linux:
bzip2 -k *.bsp

cp *.bsp.bz2 /var/www/fastdl or something

wput *.bsp.bz2 ftp://user:pw@server/folder/to/fastdl/maps

etc etc :slight_smile: Wildcard are something usefull if you use them correctly (commands not tested)

edit:// that’s why i stated untested ^^ i found an little error
insteed of wput *.bsp.bz2 you could use *.bz2 in the garrysmod folder, and it would be automaticly upload the whole garrysmod required fastdl files over. BUT(!) only if you used bzip2 correctly.

i also tried SourceRSC, but it personally doesn’t like it, since i was too lazy to create my own config for it :slight_smile: