Fast when paused, slow when unpaused.

I’ve noticed this in quite a few games. It works fine in singleplayer, but in some servers I’ve noticed the following: I play the game normally and get 15 fps, pause it and it whizzes up to 40, unpause it goes back down to 15. I’ve also noticed that the lag also disappears when I equip the camera tool. This is all while other people in the background behind the pause menu overlay are playing.

4gb DDr3 RAM
2.8ghz intel D cpu
9800 GT video card

Any idea what’s causing this? I’ve deleted all of my addons and tried lowering the directx level, all to no avail. Could this be some kind of slowhack? Somehow the camera and pause menu interrupts the script?

Could the hud really cause this much lag?
And pausing obviously gives more fps. It doesn’t have to render much.

Wait, you get 15fps with a 9800? I get 40 minimum on an empty map.

Yes it does render just as much,I’m talking about online mode, pausing it continues to render the rest in the background, e.g. I hold down W and press Esc to pause it while running and it seems to work.

I’ll try turning off the HUD, maybe that’s somehow causing a shitload of lag.

Just try wiping your gmod folder as a whole. Sorry for your problem