FastDL - 1 Directory for multiple servers?


I have servers and for each one i have own fastdl directory.
Can i just make 1 fastdl directory and put everything there? Or will it add all files? Or the resource.AddFiles only?

Yes, it only downloads the resource.AddFile files as far as I am aware.

To elaborate on this, it is entirely possible. When the Client joins the Server, the Server sends it a list of convars including information to know whether or not to download from the server or from a FastDL repository, and StringTable containing a list of everything the client has to download. The Client will not download things it does not need.

So yes, you can merge everything you need to one FastDL, although it is more convenient to have them separately in the case that you want to remove something from the FastDL, it’s less of a chore looking for it. You might want to look into using Symbolic Links to cut down on the disk space usage if you have duplicate information in multiple FastDL repositories.