FastDL and Assmod

2 problems I am having trouble with

when I have my fastdl server set up my server doesn’t work and it says the server is configured wrong and my assmod doesn’t work. I didn’t put all my server files on there was I supposed to because that is alot of files I also put them on my html should i have put them on my ftp

my assmod problem is that no matter how many times I set my self as owner through rcon in the console I have to do it again when it resets

You need to copy you’re cache directory into the FastDL directory.

You may also want to check this out.

I was just forgetting to update the cache file each time the server restarts is there anything I could do for that to auto update or do I have to add the cache file every time

You only need to update the cache when you modify a lua file.

ok one problem down anyone know about assmod

I just tested ass mod, and I found this bug there too. I keep getting removed as owner when I restart the server. I don’t know why tho.

See if you get this bug with a different admin mod like Evolve.

I seem to be missing

and all my logs for assmod aswell