FastDL Auto Sync


Was just wondering what methods people are using to auto sync the cache to there fastDL’s.
Ive saw a few servers that appear to do this and was wondering if there is anything
available to do this easily.

Depends how your operating, if you’re on a dedicated server or VPS and running the fastdl from the same box I would simply Symlink the cache folder to the web directory.

Google W2008 Symlink

Way to do it between a gameserver and a seperate FastDL On a web server?

No easy way but manual afaik. I guess you could write a batch script to update it quickly when you need to.

General rule is -

Change the LUA code/addons your tweaking
Start the server
Update FastDL Cache

Would be great if Garry could make the cache folder be ignored by FastlDL given the unique setup garrysmod uses, but I’m not sure if he has the ability.