FastDL Cache

Hello everyone,

I have a server with FastDL and all is working perfect. But everytime I do a change in the lua files, new cache get’s generated. I have to upload the new cache manually to the external FastDL server. My questions are:

  1. Is there a trick to refresh the cache automatically on the remote server? (Without having a dedicated box)

  2. Is it possible to generate the cache while the server is running? (So I don’t have to restart).


If you own a dedicated server or VPS where the server is hosted, there are a few programs that can detect and upload your cache automatically. If not, unless you host offers it your out of luck.

Also there is no possible way as of yet to generate a cache while the server is running unless you run a second instance of the server to generate the cache.

Sadly there isn’t unless(like said above) you have a dedi or VPS. You jist need to try to do all the Lua at once.

Are you using a resource.AddFile to force content to your clients? and what Mime types are you using?

I do now own a dedicated server, which programs are available?


if you setup a fastdl on a webserver you can make a virtual directory which is pointed at the cache folder

(a virtual directory is a virtual folder within the web server that points to an existing folder elsewhere on the server)