FastDL Content not loading

I have players download some content using FastDL. After they load in they see missing textures on the item. Even after their Garry’s Mod gets restarted it will still have the missing texture when they join. When you are joining the server it does have teh downloading /materials/whatever/ and it seems to download but does not look like it does after they join.

Does it download once, or every time they join?

Make sure FastDL is setup properly, here’s a guide with troubleshooting:

And a resource loader:

Thank you for that the file for troubleshooting.

Question 2: FastDL isn’t working; Clients see purple/black instead of textures, etc…, but the clients ARE downloading the data ONLY ONCE when they join the server. ( Issue includes solution to issue where the clients download <file>.<ext>.bz2.bz2 when using compressed_data )

Answer 2: This can be a result from one of many causes.

USING BZ2: 2 ) Make sure BZ2 files ( if used ) are on the FastDL server, and NOT in the server content folder ( ie .png, .bsp, .mdl, .vmt, .vtf, etc… need to be on the server, but the compressed bz2 files should be in your FastDL directores )

You helped faster than NFOServers’ support