FastDL doesn't work properly.

I’m trying to fix as many problems as possible on my servers.
One of them is that fastDL doesn’t work properly, I have a collection and it’s connected to the server
I’ve heard that it’s only files that are less than 5mb on workshop that gets downloaded.

Sorry if this is a simple thing to fix but I tried to look it up and I can’t find anything.

By the way, My name is very cringy. Please end my life.

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in your server go to garrysmod\garrysmod\lua\autorun\server and make a lua file and name it fastdl then in that file add this line

resource.AddWorkshop( “Change this to the adddons id” )

the id of the addon you want wil be the number at the end of the addons link so say this addon

the id would be 877411105

so you would make it

resource.AddWorkshop( “877411105” )

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you can add that line as many times as you need just make you change the ids to the correct addons


that’s exactly what I’ve done already and it still makes playermodels errors.

not sure if this will help but it may but you can try to set in server.cfg this command net_maxfilesize “200”

The type of FastDL depends on how you have your addons setup. For example, if they are just legacy addons which you drag and drop onto the addon folder, you’ll need to either allow the server to send the required files to the client ( sv_allowdownload 1 ) or setup a web FastDL server, setting the sv_downloadurl to the URL of that web FastDL server.
In case the addons are Workshop addons, you should do as Tanoshi told you to, create a lua file which loads on the server when it starts up, like, for example, a lua file inside lua/autorun/server or either make an addon for it, and then putting on it the

resource.AddWorkshop with the ID of the workshop addon.

I will try if it works. I hope it does.

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I have done that since I made my server. I just wonder what causes them to still be errors.

In case it is a FastDL, if you add models to the server they wont be downloaded automatically, first you have to

resource.AddFile each one of the files so it gets queued up so clients download them upon joining the server.

I add them with my workshop collection. That’s all I do and the models wont get downloaded for the players.

Then as Tanoshi told you to, you should use

resource.AddWorkshop calling this function for each workshop addon in your collection with the argument as a string of its ID. What is the ID in a workshop addon? As Tanoshi told you to, first of all you have to get the URL of the addon.
Then, you should identify the ID inside the url, being in something like id=XXXXXXXXX, being the ID XXXXXXXXX, therefore in this addon:

the ID would be 877411105, so you would have to call resource.AddWorkshop like this for your addon.


and in case you’re too lazy to do this for each item in a collection, there is a tool which sometimes i use which generates exactly this thing for every addon in your workshop collection.
You could use any of this three websites which i just found: