FastDL Download Current Map?

Hello guys! So lately I’ve been getting a little upset with this workshop thing. It’s great and all, but players must redownload the map each time they join.
Takes extra 30 or so seconds, which is horrible! I’d like to upload it to fastDL, but when I upload multiple maps it will download them ALL in one go. That’s bad because I want my server to be fast loading for all my players to enjoy.

I’d want my players to download from FastDL, not workshop. But I don’t want them to download all maps, only the current map.

They don’t download all maps on FastDL, they only download the current map. Also, with workshop, it only downloads once if you set it up properly.

Really? I thought when you do 000webhost and make a resource.lua file and put something like
resource.AddSingleFile (“gm_blahblah1.bsp”)
resource.AddSingleFile (“gm_blahblah2.bsp”)
resource.AddSingleFile (“gm_blahblah3.bsp”)
resource.AddSingleFile (“gm_blahblah4.bsp”)

It downloaded 4 maps when my friend used the fastDL on my server.

Maps don’t even work with resource.AddFile (you should be using that instead of AddSingleFile; I will give further explanation of why if you wish) since they are automatically downloaded by the client. The only thing you do with maps is put them on your FastDL host and you’re good to go, no resource.AddFile for them.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it!
I’ll reply if it goes wrong!

It works, but my friend enabled custom maps and all custom files… it didn’t work for him. But it works for all my other players!