FastDL downloading INCREDIBLY slow.

I purchased GoDaddy hosting and would expect the speeds to be sufficient however I have about 7 addons on my server to be downloaded by FastDL, and it is taking and incredibly long time. Is this the webserver itself or something I did wrong?

Whats the connection speed of godaddy? is it a shared webhosting? whats your connection speed?

I have a DL speed of 60MBPS, it isn’t me. It is shared webhosting, unlimited bandwidth. Not sure how to check the connection speed of GoDaddy?

put a biggish download file on your server and wget it from a linux machine

it should show you the speed

also make sure your download on the linux machine is fine

i don’t know anything else about godaddy shared hosting

doubt he got access to a linux machine, and that hes much of a tech guy.

I’m using a box to host my server however I’m trying to use the web hosting for FastDL.

not to make you feel bad or anything but usually shared webhosting is a rip off.

if you have a vps or vds you could always just set up a static nginx server to serve files off of

Does each file have a progress bar when downloading?

I have used godaddy in the past for FastDL (I use workshop now because it’s more faster now imo because of multi download now) and it worked fast for me then.
So unless things have changed you may have something configured wrong.

If he’s using windows I would suggest using xampp, for the easy setup and it has more features if needed than just an apache web server

To be fair, unless doing more advanced configuration, I really think most web servers would be sufficient. If on Linux, install apache. It’s quick and easy to setup and basically works out of the box. I don’t know NGinx much but I’ve heard it is more efficient in many cases, so I wanna look into it.

As for windows, I’ve never really set one up on Windows, unless you count XAMMP when I was about 11 and didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

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Of course I’ll add this is only what I know - if anyone knows why Nginx is more efficient I’d be glad to learn :stuck_out_tongue: But I haven’t had any trouble with Apache and been using it for years.

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**As far as I can tell, NGinx is more efficient, but for day to day use Apache is probably the wiser choice especially if not very knowledgeable in Web Servers as it has extensive documentation, especially when used along-side Ubuntu. **

Basically, nginx is better because its faster and more stable, it got load balancing & is a reverse proxy – it can be used together with apache, so apache as frontend, and nginx as backend. CloudFlare basically is NGINX.

Ah right cool. But I’m guessing Nginx can also be a front-end web-server. I really do need to look into it as I’ve heard some great things about it. Apache is definitely more widely used, but as far as I can tell it is dropping, even slowly, and NGINX is rising. Will be a shame cause Apache documentation is flawless.

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Saying that, if NGINX does stuff better, then it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, goDaddy, I had a VPS with them one time and my uplink for the VPS was average 40-50 mb/s, good days was 100.

The only experience I have with GoDaddy is having web-hosting with them ( monthly ) for about 6 months, and requested a cancellation. I emailed them and talked in Live Chat and they said the only way to cancel was through their cancellation form. I submitted the form, got confirmation the form had been sent, and stupidly ( contrary to my normally cautious attitude ) assumed it was all done. Can’t remember the reason why.

A year later I realised they had bee still taking out the money, So I told them to give me a refund on the basis that they could see it hadn’t been touched for a year and I requested a cancellation.

Apart from that, I didn’t have any problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes nginx can be used as a front end server alone, but using apache + nginx together is “the best”.