Fastdl Files

Do the files placed in teh fastdl directory need to be copied after every update?

Only the files that change. For example, the lua cache may change after an update so you’ll have to copy it again on the fastdl server, but maps may not need to be copied again.

It has to match your server exactly, which is hard to do without a script that automatically does it.


I’m pretty sure.

Easy as fuck. Just copy the content folder of all of your addons, gamemodes, and your maps, and your cache. Cache only needs to be updated when clientside, or shared lua files change. If you add a model, you have to add that model to the fastdl as well. Not difficult at all to do manually, but it is tedious. Which is why I use custom scripts to do it for me :slight_smile: sourcersc works perfectly
My advice would be to put the whole server on the web and protect it with a .htaccess file, no need to ever update it, but the problem is you can’t have content folders in gamemodes :confused: have to be in the main gmod folder